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Why Conference Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy?

The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy conference is to provide a response that involves the application of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy protocols, used to provide an immediate and concrete feedback to the psychological distress of children and their families, even in a school and hospital settings

This event is an international gathering, where best practices and research tested within cognitive behavioral play therapy are reported.


Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy is a psychotherapy aimed at children, including preschoolers, and their parents and is a possible pathway to support emerging psychological distress. This psychotherapy involves the therapeutic use of play, which is used to help the child learn how the world works, learn how to relate to others, understand how to cope with difficulties and find possible solutions. The direct involvement of the child with different problems, in the therapeutic process, is emphasized. The meetings include moments of free play and moments of organized play with specific activities aimed at helping the child learn an alternative behavior that will help him/her overcome his/her problem and use what he/she has learned during the meetings to other contexts. The time for discussion with parents in order to gather information about the child’s progress and to help them make the best use of what has been learned during therapy, is essential. This model can also be used in school and hospital settings.

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