Interview: the future of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

Susan M. Knell founder of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (CBPT) and Maria Angela Geraci founder of the Centro Ricerca CBPT in Rome, talk about their professional experience as developmental psychotherapists and the need to use an effective therapeutic approach in this field, suitable for even very young children. Guided by this objective, today they are engaged in the dissemination of CBPT and in research on CBPT with different issues and in different contexts which has been spreading internationally in recent years.


Congress: Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

Introducing the Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy manual by Maria Geraci, published by Armando Editore. Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy is a psychotherapy intervention that adapts empirically supported CBT techniques in a play setting with young children. In this intervention, the direct involvement of the child, with different issues, in the therapeutic process is emphasized. In addition, regular meetings with parents are scheduled in order to gather information about the child’s progress, monitor and intervene in the parent-child interaction, giving key indications for the achievement of therapeutic goals.

Moderator: Virginia Riccitelli

Speakers: Susan M.Knell and Ornella Argento 

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