The working group aims to:

a. Promote and encourage study and research initiatives in educational and formation psychology, so in the psychology and psychopathology of development. With particular attention to the use of Play Therapy and CBPT, in prevention and treatment.

b. Encourage scientific research and neuropsychological, psychotherapeutic, educational and rehabilitative assistance, with particular attention to the use of Play Therapy and CBPT.

c. Promote and encourage the circulation of scientific information among members and similar national and foreign associations, through publications, conferences, conventions and thematic meetings.

d. Encourage studies and research and carry out professional and scientific training initiatives psycho-educational, psychological, neuropsychological, psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative fields, with particular attention to the use of Play Therapy and CBPT. This will be carried out through the establishment of centers for this purpose, organized and structured by special regulations issued by the Board of Directors.

e. Promote studies and research and carry out initiatives aimed at the psycho-educational training and continuous improvement of teaching, management and all school staff. This includes relevant stakeholders who deal with education in out of school contexts, such as parents. 

f. Conduct further studies and research and implement initiatives aimed at training and continuous improvement of professionals or graduate students on issues of psychology, neuropsychology, and CBT, paying particular attention to the use of Play Therapy and CBPT.

g. Promote, encourage and implement initiatives for study, research and construction of tools for psychometric investigation. Through the use of play in the various areas of educational and formation psychology and psychology and psychopathology of development.



The group and its collaborators carry out activities targeted towards:

a. Encouraging studies and research and implementing the spread and development of prevention activities through the use of interviews, psychodiagnostics and assessment tools and techniques of Play Therapy and CBPT in relation to:

  • childhood
  • adolescents
  • deviance
  • distress
  • exclusion
  • immigrants
  • women
  • elders
  • families

b. Promoting studies and research and carrying out intervention projects with psycho-educational, psychological, rehabilitative and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) methodologies. The interventions will pay particular attention to Play Therapy and CBPT techniques in relation to:

  • school, social, educational and hospital organizational structures
  • childhood
  • adolescents
  • families.

c. Encouraging studies and research and carrying out interventions in the various fields of educational psychology, developmental psychology and  psychopathology, Play Therapy and CBPT, with particular reference to the following themes:

  • neurodevelopmental disorders
  • learning difficulties and strategies
  • integration of those with disabilities
  • school drop-out
  • educational success
  • classroom management
  • hospitalization
  • trauma
  • “siblings” and the hospitalized children’s families
  • educational relationship
  • families, children and adolescents who are victims of violence
  • disadvantaged and marginalized families
  • disadvantaged and marginalized adolescents


The group aims to create a network that can:

1. Operate by means of appropriate organizational structures such as a  cooperative or consortium, and in reference to the appropriate Regulation issued by the Board of Directors;

2. Conclude agreements and/or accordance and participate in temporary or permanent bodies with public and/or private entities for the pursuit of its own ends;

3. Cooperate and maintain relationships with public and private institutions, hospitals, IRCCS (Scientific Hospitalization and Treatment Institute), ASL (Local Health Administration), associations, foundations, societies and scientific, social, political, administrative and professional groups operating at national and international levels.

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